Taste the Atlantic

The Bay Coast Seafood Trail is exactly that. Stretching south from Erris Co.Mayo to Connemara and on to Galway Bay, passing some of Ireland’s most breathtaking seascapes and landmarks, it’s a whole new way to experience the Wild Atlantic Way.

This is a living, breathing coastal route. Dotted among the natural wonders are renowned producers including the Connemara Smokehouse, Croagh Patrick Seafoods, Killary Fjord Shellfish, Keem Bay Fish, Marty’s Mussels, Kelly’s Oysters and New Quay lobster fisherman Gerry Sweeney.

These are family businesses with ocean in their blood, coastal communities with salt on their lips. They harvest top quality oysters, mussels, salmon and catch lobster and crab from pristine Atlantic waters. They process their catch with modern nous and time-honoured tradition. They turn the draw of the sea into deliciousness.

So when you are exploring Bay Coast, make sure you visit one of the recommended seafood restaurants to enjoy a taste of the Atlantic and meet one of our local seafood producers to truly experience this seafood journey as pure a taste of place on a plate as you’ll find in Western Europe.


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