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About Enda McEvoy

Enda McEvoy is the Head Chef at Michelin star winning restaurant Loam. Enda was named ‘Best Chef in Ireland’ at the 2016 Irish Restaurant awards and just recently his effort at Loam has earned it the highest rating of 3-stars from the Sustainable Restaurant Association for the 3 year running, making his the first restaurant in Ireland to do so. The restaurant works closely with local farmers and producers to serve delicious food sourced entirely from the west of Ireland.

Oysters, Cabbage & Horseradish


6 large oysters

1 head white cabbage 1 kg


40g salt

20g vinegar

20g sugar

200g natural greek style yogurt 100g capers

Fresh horseradish

Lemon juice




Scrub the oysters well with a wire scrub. Tie them up tight like a parcel with parcel string. Poach the oysters at 65c for 9 mins and remove to an ice bath to halt cooking. Shuck oysters, strain liquid and store oysters in liquid.

Oyster emulsion

Put the oyster juice, yogurt, capers and horseradish in a blender and blitz to a puree and pass through a sieve, season with lemon juice. This will yield too much yogurt for this recipe


Warm a little of the water, add the salt, vinegar and sugar to the water and dissolve. Add this mix to the rest of the water and cool down. Slice the cabbage quite fine and place in a nonreactive plastic or glass container. Cover with brine and cover and leave for 5 days in a cool/room temperature place (not a fridge, a larder). Place a clean weight on top of the cabbage and make sure its sub -merged at all times.

To serve

Place small spoonful of the yogurt mix on the plate. Slice the oyster and place on top. Cover the oyster with cabbage and season with a little more fresh grated horseradish and sprigs of fresh dill. Serve